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                       are perfect
for any occasion:

While Sleeping

Relaxing, watching TV, 

or on Computer



Essential for People with Cold Feet

Much More...


"I  really love them. Socks are too tight when you're sleeping but footjammies® are perrrrfect!"


Mike M.

Customer from West Vancouver, BC

"Marion was thrilled with them from the start.  They made a great surprise present.  She tried them for watching TV instead of socks and slippers and also for keeping her feet warm when sleeping.  She has Raynaud’s Syndrome and wears socks to be all year round.  She loved them, they worked and felt more comfortable than the socks she’s been wearing.  I was looking at them when you delivered them to me in the coffee shop and female customer “of a certain age” was watching and asked me about them.  When I told her she said, “I’ve got that problem.  I could use a pair of those.”  Seems there a lot of people with this syndrome.  I think these will make great gifts at Xmas time.  Small package, not expensive and unique.  What more can you ask for to be a perfect small gift?


How’s that for liking them?"